A Few Weeks of Studying, Training, and Rest

Session 8: 24th day of Highsun, Year 1121 CE

The heroes spent a few weeks training, studying, and resting from their adventures. Each spent their downtime in their own ways. Several gained knowledge of the group’s enemies, the Shrouded Maw being one of those enemies. During that time, the heroes helped with the sunken ship in the harbor of Vilios, and some pursued their own quests. After about one month, the group met back up at the Liquid Aether Inn to determine their next course of action. After sharing information and plotting, the group decided to speak with the Fallen Paladin they had heard was drowning his sorrows at local taverns.

Badger, being a paladin himself, spoke with the fallen paladin. He learned a few things about Ser Killian, the fallen paladin. Ser Killian was formerly a Knight of the Order of the Six based in Lagenberg, and a fallen paladin of Tir. Ser Killian revealed his crime, he took the life of an innocent person, and only a Quest of Absolution would grant him redemption. The only task that Ser Killian could think of as being worthy enough to redeem him, was to destroy a legendary fiend that myth said dwelled in the underdark below Lagenberg. After some discussion, the heroes decided to help him, in the meantime accomplish some other tasks in Lagenberg.


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