Lagenberg and the Undercrypts

Session 9: the 29th day of Highsun, Year 1121 CE

After about five days of travel, the heroes arrived in Lagenberg. A grand and old city that once stood as the capital of the Kingdom of Velah. Upon entering the gates of the city, the heroes procured rooms in an inn and went off in search of the Crypts, where Ser Killian suspected that this fiend may dwell. Along the way, Koh split off from the group on a chase after someone he thought he knew. Later, Badger encountered another Warforged, R-102, who he spoke with briefly. The group continued further through the city along the main avenue through town, and soon came upon the base of the small mountain the main keep sits upon.


Under that mountain is the crypts, and the heroes secured a tour from one of the priests that tend to the dead. Pressing the priest for more information about this fiend, they ended up scaring him into thinking they were after his “prized Barleywine recipe” and he ran away shouting for guards. They continued on their own deeper into the crypts until they reached a barrier. The barrier was created from magical runes on the walls, ceiling, and floor which said “Do not pass this point, the protection of Orn will not go with you.” It was clear that this barrier separated the underdark from the crypts. Pressing through the barrier, the heroes delved deeper in the underdark until they triggered some form of trap, the floor opened beneath them and they fell through some sort of plane-shift or gate.

On the other side, they encountered a plane of desolation, they found themselves in a layer of Hell itself. Here they were quickly attacked by two bearded devils, and after a nearly deadly fight, Badger, Wai’Nerym, Haplo, and Lees took shelter in a ruined tower in a destroyed city.


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