Maladomini, the Seventh Layer of Hell

Session 10: the 30th day of Highsun, Year 1121 CE

A ruin-covered wasteland with the husks of dead cities form a desolate urban landscape, and between them lie empty quarries, crumbling roads, slag heaps, the hollow shells of empty fortresses, and swarms of hungry flies. Here, Badger, Wai’Nerym, Haplo, and Lees took shelter and healed their wounds. Combing through the ruins of the city around them, were strange small devils, and swarms of flies.


Meanwhile, Koh had a strange encounter with an old friend that he had not seen in a long time. After waking up, mysteriously, in the floor of a bar, Koh decided to return to the Inn where he and his friends had gotten rooms to see if they were there. While waiting on them to return, he encountered a bloodied, injured Ser Killian who told him of the plight of the others. After a much needed healing potion, Ser Killian led Koh to the crypts. The pair circumvented the guards that the crazed priest had requested, and made their way to hell. Once there, they attempted to find the rest of the group, but instead found a large number of fire-throwing devils.

The battle that followed saw Ser Killian fall twice, only to be healed by Haplo and Lees. Badger stood tall against what seemed like overwhelming forces, while Wai’Nerym, Lees, and Haplo cast a myriad of spells from the cover of rubble. Lees created a wall of thorns to devastating effect, and the blasts of pure arcane energy from Wai’Nerym’s wand dealth tremendous damage to their foes. Finally, after many an injury and near death, all but one of the devils were slain, the other fled. The heroes retreated back into the safety of the tower to recuperate.


krogren krogren

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