The Liquid Aether

The Liquid Aether

Pipesday, Twelfth day of Palesun, Year 1121 CE.
Four unique people entered the Liquid Aether Inn, finding themselves in a finely furnished open room packed nearly full they were able to find a single open table. Partaking in some of the rare drinks served here, such as a Dwarven Forge which is three parts Dwarven Firewhiskey, one part ice; the four introduced themselves to each other.

The inn was occupied by many townsfolk, but also some interesting characters, such as an eccentric passed-out gnome sleeping on the bar, a brooding half-orc in the corner, and a table of warriors celebrating. Wai’Neyrm attempted to wake the gnome, and with help from the others they managed to push him off the bar, where the strange gnome merely floated in place. Badger the Warforged, spoke to the half-orc in the corner, and discovered that they had much in common. Haplo, not wanting to pay for his drinks with coin, convinced the Halfling waitress that he would play a fine tune for the establishment as repayment for the drinks. Haplo’s excellent performance, even integrating the floating Gnome, was well received by everyone and garnered much applause. Koh, taking a breath of fresh air outside, realized he was out of alcohol in his flask, and that would just not do. Haplo introduced himself to the four warriors and made their acquaintance, and from them he learned what it meant to have to fetch a rare alcohol yourself. Below the Liquid Aether is a fairly famous cellar, famous for being home to rare vintages of wine, whiskies, and all sorts of drinks; but most notably the Liquid Aether itself. The only trouble is, the cellar is not a safe place. The proprietor, an old female Elf named Anelyel, only lets brave adventurers into the cellars.

Koh and Haplo were very interested in seeking out this beverage, and they rounded up all of their newly gained friends including Spark the half-orc, the four warriors, and even the floating, passed-out gnome and a young human thief went along. Inside the cellars they encountered many, many barrels of ale, cider, whiskey, rum, wine, and everything in-between, but there was also danger. Two minotaurs were lurking in the second room of the cellar, a large tall room with huge casks of alcohol along the sides of the room. Defeating them, they learned something interesting about Spark the Half-orc, he seemed to possess the ability to cast magical spells, or at least shoot beams of fire from his hands. After a close call with one of the dwarves, the minotaurs were defeated, and the greataxes they carried taken as trophies. Descending the stairs further down, they found a large room, with all its nearly twenty foot tall walls covered in lattice-shaped shelves. These shelves contained thousands of different bottles, and were grouped according to type. Thick mold also covered the bottles and the shelves, this room was very damp, cold, and musty. As they searched for the Liquid Aether, Wai’Neyrm discovered a place in the wall that seemed to have an opening. She removed a bottle labelled “Anelyel’s Bottled Whiskey”, and a secret passage way opened, beyond lay a small room with a few pedestals, and atop them sat a few small bottles of golden liquid.

Before these brave adventurers could claim their treasure, a strange creature slithered its way into the room from some dark hiding place behind the mold-covered shelves. The creature had many legs along its long, serpent like body, and black oozing poison dripping from its fang covered mouth. The battle that raged almost cost the lives of many of the warriors, and several of the heroes fell unconscious to this creature’s potent poison. Spark drew upon his lifeforce to deal massive damage to the creature, the young thief sneakily threw daggers at critical points on the creature and was brutally bitten in return, the dwarves, Koh, and Badger surrounded the creature; but the venomous monster fought on. It was able to summon a large column of pure flame from nothing, knocking the dwarves out of the picture. Finally, it fell under the combined damage from so many warriors and spellcasters. The heroes were left to tend to their wounds, and claim the treasure that lay under The Liquid Aether.


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